Our activities:


Oriens B Bt was established in 1994. Since then it has operated profitable.At the beginning the company dealed with retail activities, then due to the continuous profile-change activity of the company it has changed totally by today.

Oriens B Bt choosed the strategy of diversification in the interest of economic and safe operation.

We built our aims on three main activities, which are the followings:



Manufacturing and trading of machine parts:


From these one of the most important is the manufacturing of the spare parts of the T174/2 type of weimar-turning-loading machines, which parts we have delivered to Germany too.

The Weimar parts we can deliver from stock in hand in case of order. Among our significant orderers there are parts retailers, stores, services, machine repair entrepreneurs.




Manufacturing of clutches:

This activity was specialised in manufacturing of frictional parts of mechanical and electrical clutches. Beside the clutches we have continuously started the manufacturing of the other parts of clutches, bell crank levers and clutch circles.

We manufacture the clutches in the first place to machine-tools/ lathes, milling machines,etc. The manufacturing of clutches we expanded to the manufacturing of different types of machine tools and loading machines and making of cluthes of lift trucks.

Currently we have already been manufacturing proper mechanical and electrical clutches too.



Our main orderers:

machine industrial companies, plants, machine tool repair companies and enterprises which deal with machine improvements.




Plastic window profile bending:

arc bending


As third actitivy area we added the plastic window profile bending in our activities. First of all we make the bending of SCHÜCO, REHAU, ROPLASTO profiles, but we have opportunity to bend other types of profiles too.

The above mentioned activity is completed also with the manufacturing of proper bender and bending inserts (bead profiles) on demand.

Our significant orderers are plastic window plants and enterprises.

Our company welcomes orders from customers on the above mentioned three activity areas.